Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Claims He Is Using Their Son To Control Her

Rick Ross is STILL going through it with one of his baby mamas!
Ross’ baby mama Tia Kemp continues to make headlines as she continues to blast Ross for allegedly abandoning his only son.

You know it gets messy over at Khia and TS Madison’s Queens Court, so Kemp created even more drama with the situation by interviewing with them.
Kemp told The Queens Court that she feels like Rick Ross is trying to use their son as a way to control her.
According to Kemp, they”ve had an on-and-off relationship over the years, and Kemp even stated previously that they still slept together while Ross was publicly dating other women.
Tia’s latest rant came from her being outraged at hearing and seeing that Ross was in town, but he hadn’t called or spent time with his son.
Tia and Rick Ross traded shots on Instagram, and Rozay claims that Tia is just mad because she doesn’t get along with his other baby mamas.
Tia even recalled a time when Rozay allegedly took back a car he gave her while at the courthouse.
When it comes to baby mama drama, a lot of rappers have it.
This is why you must be careful with who you decide to have kids with.