Where’s Nicki? Fans Are Questioning Nicki Minaj’s Social Media Absence

She hasn’t been active on social media since 2017, and that’s not like Nicki at all. Not only has she not posted on Twitter and Instagram since December, she’s also deleted her Instgram bio, and disabled her Instagram comments.

Of course you know this has her Barbz and everyone else speculating. Some believe she’s been off social media to focus on forthcoming music releases, and to take personal time.
Others question if she was tired of people commenting in her comments asking her when new music was coming, and tired of Cardi B’s fans also harassing her. Of course Lil Kim and Remy Ma’s fans always have time to let her have it also.
Folks even seem to believe that she locked her IG comments just in case Cardi B won a Grammy. Now you know Cardi’s fans would have been going ham in Nicki’s comments trolling her TO DEATH!
Now Nicki & Cardi B have maintained that there are no issues between them, but no one is buying this. It looks like this alleged “beef” between them is allegedly because of Nicki Minaj’s alleged actions.
What are your thoughts? Why do you think Nicki Minaj has been quiet on social media with a disabled comment section?